January 2004

Max got a film camera for Hanukkah but it did not work so we sent it back and got him a digital one. It's a $25 one so you cant see the images magically appear on the back of the camera. He kept looking for the images to appear on a screen of my 14 year old camera but this has never happened. Max is the first immediate family member to own a digital camera. He takes great photos with it. The tree, bicycle, and the non-close-up photos were taken by him. I am starting to borrow it more and more. Thanks for lending it to me!

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JamCam005 JamCam009 JamCam016
JamCam017 JamCam018 JamCam020
JamCam024 JamCam026 JamCam027
JamCam028 maxtree JamCam030
coolmaxonstool JamCam034 JamCam029
dan screaming under blanket JamCam037 two fish looks strange
elliot half up close JamCam032 JamCam033
danstare JamCam021 JamCam023
JamCam019 JamCam012 JamCam002
JamCam008 JamCam010 JamCam011