Feburary 2004 JamCam Photos

Most of February was cold and rainy so we stayed indoors and pestered each other. Max worked on his photography skills He took the photos of the foot of the bed, and all of the images below his dad appears in.. Elliot is begining to learn and introduce more words in his vocabulary. He says eye, me, and mine. Pretty soon I think he will start writing songs like George Harrison. Elliot and I dressed up for Go Texan day. One day Jeanie, and William and Katie came over.

I bought a $600 digital camera but I sent it back because it was not as good as the JamCam. I also bought some memory for the JamCam so we can take more than 8 picutres an outing! We can take 127 photos if we bring enough 9-volt batteries along.

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JamCam028 JamCam030 JamCam043
JamCam049 JamCam025 JamCam027
JamCam029 JamCam031 JamCam033
JamCam042 JamCam040 JamCam039
JamCam038 JamCam037 JamCam036
JamCam035 JamCam059 JamCam056
JamCam055 JamCam053 JamCam051