Join Daniel and Jill Schein in heralding the arrival of our as yet unborn son.


  • 23 weeks as of 6/28/99

Physical Characteristics

as of 6/10/99:

  • It's a boy!
  • About .8 pounds
  • 12 inches long



  • Kicks and moves around. Jill can feel a kick or a flutter.
  • Moves most frequently in the late evening
  • Has been observed jiggling Jills belly.
  • Is still during periods of high activity or stress.


  • Time after Jill eats- he is more active.
  • Ultrasound probe- hid behind Jill's bellybutton.
  • Dad's touch- becomes less active when dad puts his hand on Jill to feel movement.
  • The movie Scarface- became active and startled Jill during final gunfight scene.