Jimmy is the ultimate outdoor enthusiast. And Jammin' Juice is the ultimate refreshment for outdoor enthusiasts. Jammin' Juice is proud to sponsor these professional teams that compete around the world.

Kayaking | Sailing | Cycling | Skiing

Jammin' Juice Kayaking Team


Leo Romero

John Schick

Andy Johnstone

Rollie Witherspoon

George Zender


Jessica Thomason

Randi Jenkins

Irena Griffin

Lacey Carruthers

Bianca Griffin

Jammin' Juice Sailing Team


Patrick Winthrop

Esteban Quintana

Scott Patrick

Wilhelm Gertz

Sam Samuels


Svetlana Koristova

Janice Pierce

Laurinda Hopkins

Tiffany Block

Josephine Hill

Jammin' Juice Cycling Team


Paul White

Rodney Thorne

Bjorn Nelson

Chance Dixon

Will Prescott

Tripp Tisdale


Stephanie Parker

Monique Swenson

Yolanda Adams

Victoria Greene

Jeanette Murphy

Ellen Sorenson

Jammin' Juice SkiingTeam


Dennis Ramsey

Vincenzo Castellini

Buster Dyson

Nels Pederson


Katherine Littlefield

Marie Holcroft

Kitt Chapman

Paulette Franco

Join the Fun

Are you interested in some extreme outdoor fun? Click here to find out more about some of the exciting sports you can participate in. If you are professional caliber, and you would like to try out for one of our teams, send us your bio.

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