Some Events from Our Past

Sometimes great products have an even greater story behind them. The rise of Jammin' Juice is the stuff legends are made of—just like our juices!

You want to know how Jammin Juice got started? Here's the story.

When it

What happened

1988 Jimmy wins a gold medal in the North American Whitewater Kayak championship. After swallowing lots of river water, he realized that the greatest refreshment comes from the purest waters.
1989 Jimmy overcomes a debilitating aspartame-induced illness after drinking massive quantities of  “natural” juices as part of his training regimen.
1990 Jimmy spends the year sailing the Caribbean and stopping at a number of islands. He begins only eating the freshest fruits and finds his health and stamina continuously improving.

Jimmy opens a roadside juice stand in St. Martin combining the freshest spring water and juices. Tourists ask Jimmy how they can get these juices in the mainland.

Jimmy officially starts Jammin' Juice.


Now you can be part of the Jammin' Juice story. Send us a letter or email about when you first tried Jammin' Juice and how it has changed your life. You may be featured in one of our upcoming television or radio commercials.